Do you feel like your emotions control you OR that you are unable to understand and express your emotions? In this Double Date with Mark and Jill we are going to discuss 7 misconceptions about emotions and share how you can start working towards emotional health today!


TRANSCRIPT: Coming soon!

Talk About It:

Are you a thinker or a feeler?

How can I best serve your emotional needs?

How can I keep you accountable on this journey to emotional health?

If your spouse is going through No More Perfect Date Night with you, take some time to sit down and discuss what stood out to you from this week’s lesson together. If you are doing this alone, share what you are learning about your own emotions and an area that you are hoping to grow in if it is safe to do so.

Think About It:

Are my thoughts running or stopping the show?

Am I stuffing or ignoring my emotions instead of expressing them?

Which of the 7 misconceptions stood out to me the most? Which truth(s) do I need to embrace?

Notes and Quotes:

Common Misconceptions About Emotions:

  1. Emotions indicate weakness. TRUTH: Emotions are God-given.
  2. Having strong emotions means that I’m out of control. TRUTH: You can feel deeply and not be out of control. 
  3. You cannot change emotions. It would be wrong or inauthentic to do so. TRUTH: You can change emotions. It is part of emotional health and it always starts with your thinking. 
  4. My emotions always tell me the truth. TRUTH: Just because you feel something, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Our emotions can lie to us. 
  5. Other people know better than I do what I feel. TRUTH: You’re the only one who knows what you feel. 
  6. If I start crying, I will never stop. TRUTH: Avoiding emotion doesn’t make it go away. 
  7. It’s better to be rational than emotional. TRUTH: We are designed to be both rational and emotional.