Forgiveness is so important in marriage and yet we use it so infrequently. Part of the reason for that is that we have so many misunderstandings about forgiveness. This short 16-minute video will set your thinking straight on forgiveness!

Transcript: Change-What-You-Think-About-Forgiveness.docx

Talk About It:

What was taught about forgiveness in your home of origin?

Do we need to be better about asking for forgiveness when we apologize to each other?

Think About It:

Am I characterized by forgiving or do I harbor bitterness in my heart?

Do I need to do a heart clean up?

Do I need to learn to practice how to forgive in real-time?

Notes and Quotes:

Forgiveness is a solo act.
Forgiveness is about keeping our heart cleaned up.
If you wait for an apology to forgive, you’ve probably waited too long.
Forgiveness is a choice (that always includes a crisis of the will!).
Christ forgave us first. He showed us how.
Forgiveness does NOT rebuild trust. Trust is rebuilt with changed behavior over time.
Forgiveness does not mess up justice.
Amends happens between two people. Forgiveness only needs one person.
Forgiveness is layered. It’s not once and done.

There are two types of processes for forgiving:
*A heart clean up. (Forgiving the fact.)
*Forgiving in real time. (Make a decision right away to choose forgiveness.)

Ephesians 4:32
Matthew 18
Colossians 3:13