When was the last time you had couple pictures taken?

Not a selfie.

Not something snapped by a friend at a picnic.

We’re talking about a photo shoot for just the two of you. Something that captures the flirty fun you have with each other. Something that celebrates your love and commitment.

And what do you do with the pictures?

* Frame one and display it at home.
* Frame one for your workplace.
* Give one to your parents, grandparents, or extended family.
* Share them on Facebook with a post about what you love about each other or lessons you’ve learned about marriage.
* If your kids are grown, frame one for each child and give it as a Christmas present.

Your marriage is important and capturing that with a photo session for two provides you with a visual display of the love you have for each other.

This can work on any budget. If you have the finances, hire an experienced wedding photographer to capture the essence of your relationship.

If finances are tight, look for a photographer that’s just getting started and doesn’t charge too much. You might even be able to find someone who’ll do a shoot for free just for the experience and to build their portfolio. Sometimes a simple “Hey does anyone know a photographer in town that could do a couple photo shoot without breaking the bank?” post on Facebook can net you all kinds of possibilities!

The important thing is to capture something that says, “We are important. We’re committed. And we’re prioritizing our relationship!”

We had our daughter take this fun photo of us, and it sits in a prominent place in our kitchen.

(And yes, if you’re in Central Illinois or driving through Central Illinois and you want to drop by our house, we’ll take your couple pic in the back of our old Studebaker truck, too! If you want a photo like this, and you live close enough to us, just email us at resources@jillsavage.org to set up a time. Membership has its benefits!)

Now go find a photographer, set up a date, and make a memory that will last!

Download this as a PDF:  A-Photo-Shoot-for-Two.pdf