We often think of a Christmas lights tour as something we do with the kids. However, it’s a perfect date for a couple too!

This date will have you oohing and ahhing over holiday lights and decorations while talking about holiday favorites and sharing your Christmas memories from years past.

Make yourselves (or order through the drive-thru) your favorite coffee, latte, hot chocolate, or tea. Then head out to drive around town to admire the lights and talk. Want to add in some fun? Pick one thing that will signal a kiss for you (i.e. every time you see a reindeer or Santa or candy canes, you’ll give each other a kiss.)

Here are some conversation starters for your drive:

What’s your most memorable Christmas present?

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?

What’s your favorite food to have on Christmas Day?

If we were to do something completely different and out of the box sometime for Christmas, what could we do?

What’s your favorite Christmas memory from your childhood?

Is there any way I can help you with anything getting ready for the holiday?

What’s your favorite part of the Christmas story in the Bible?

What’s your favorite Christmas memory since we’ve been married.

Finish the sentence…”It wouldn’t be Christmas without…”

PDF print out format: Christmas-Lights-Date.pdf