One of the challenges of marriage is getting into relational ruts. We do the same things
over and over because we are creatures of habit. In order to switch things up, this date
takes place in a coffee shop. Don’t like coffee? That’s fine, order tea or some other drink
you’ll enjoy. If you can, explore a coffee shop you’ve never been to before! How you use
your “coffee date” is up to you. Here are four ideas:

Vision Venture Coffee Date—This date is available in the No More Perfect Date Night
site and is also in the Marriage Planner. It’s a great date to do in January (if you didn’t do
it in December!) because you plan the year out AND look ahead to the next few years as
well! Couples need a vision they’re working towards together and this date sets that
vision in place!

Marriage Planner Coffee Date—Take your Marriage Planner to the coffee shop and
begin to work through some of the sections. Talk, fill out the info, and listen to each
other well.

Read a Book Coffee Date—Each of you take a non-fiction marriage or faith-based book
to read. As you read and have some “ah ha” moments, share them with your spouse and
talk about them. If you haven’t read No More Perfect Marriages yet, that’s a great
option. Or you can pick up any of the books written by those we’ve talked with in the
Dive Deep Interviews in the Date Night site. (For a twist on this date, go to a coffee shop
in a bookstore. Pull a couple of marriage books off the shelf and start reading. You don’t
even have to buy the books–just talk about what you’re reading while you’re there!)

Make a Schedule Coffee Date—Use your coffee date to look at your calendar for the
year and decide on a regularly scheduled date night where you plan to have fun together.
While you’re at it, try to decide on a regular schedule for tapping into Date Night
member content so you can keep growing together. Oh and if physical intimacy is a
challenge, put that on the calendar too! Yep, scheduling sex can be a game-changer!
(Although you might want to write it on the calendar in code!)

Print out this date in PDF format: Coffee-Shop-Date.pdf