For many parts of the country, we’re still limited on eating out in restaurants. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a creative dinner out date night!

This date night offers the best part of a night out taking into consideration the restaurant limitations we’re dealing with.

Choose three restaurants:

One for Appetizer
One for Main Dish
One for Dessert

Optional blessing add-in: Add a drive through coffee/hot chocolate after the dessert and experience the joy of blessing the car behind you by paying for their drinks. There’s something special that happens when you serve others together!

If it’s a carry out restaurant, call your orders ahead of time, arranging for pickups at 30 minute intervals. (If it’s fast food, just go through the drive through and order.)

Eat each part of your meal in the car—yes in cold parts of the country, you may need to keep your car running to stay warm—and talk.

Here are some conversations to have during your date:

Appetizer: What’s one little thing we can do in 2021 that will draw us closer together? (ideas: hold hands more often, pray together as we crawl into bed, text throughout the day, snuggle on the couch rather than sitting in our separate chairs, do something from Date Night every Thursday night, etc.)

Main Dish: Ask each other: What’s one thing I can do more often that will speak love to you in a practical way?

Dessert: What’s something we can plan to do together and look forward to this year? (ideas: a weekend getaway, a much-needed vacation, something special for your anniversary, a marriage conference, a visit somewhere you’ve been wanting to go, etc.)

If you want to, you can even mix up the order of the food. Who says dessert has to be last? Enjoy the night out, the conversation, and the change in scenery! If you do the optional add-in, enjoy blessing someone else together!

Limited Budget Option:

Make a meal at home with an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert. Eat each option in a different room of the house while having the above conversations. Dessert in the bedroom anyone? ?

Print Out the Date Night PDF: Drive-Thru-Carry-Out-Progressive-Meal-PDF.pdf