Where did you first meet? Have your first kiss? Was there a special place where you proposed?  Had a significant conversation? Said “I love you” for the first time? Has it been a while since you visited the location of your wedding? Your first home? Your old neighborhood?

This date is a trip down memory lane—roadtrip style.

Set aside an afternoon/day/weekend to visit the significant places in your relationship. Tell stories, laugh, remember, walk hand-in-hand, recreate the moments, and thank God for bringing the two of you together.

You’ve probably talked about doing this, now it’s time to make it happen.

Here’s how:

1) Make a list of the places that are special for each of you. Remember these may be things that are special to both of you and there may be some places that are special to one or the other of you. Make sure you value the ones that mean something to both of you and the ones that mean something to your spouse.

2) Put the places in a logistical order for visiting. Using Google Maps will help you set an agenda.

3) Set the date for your DriveThru History Date. Even if it’s months away, get a date on the calendar for your special date.

4) Share memories. As you visit each place, share what you remember most about that place and what happened there. If you get lost or things don’t go as planned,

5) Watch your expectations. If you get lost or things don’t go as planned, be grace-filled and grateful for the time you do have together. Don’t let the enemy steal anything from your time together. Think of this as an adventure!


Print Out PDF:  Drive-Thru-History-Date.pdf