For most of us, our photos are tucked away in boxes, photo albums, or stored digitally
on our computer. We rarely pull them out, talk about them, and remember. This Design-
A-Date has you doing just that.

Set aside one evening for your memory lane night. Get something special to drink—a
bottle of wine, sparking cider, or sparkling water—and a snack or dessert you’ll enjoy
like cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, cake, or pie.

Pull out the boxes, albums, or laptop you’ll use to walk down photo memory lane and
take your time looking through pictures, talking, and remembering together. Laugh, tell
stories, share feelings that were going on behind the scenes in those pictures
(particularly if you’re looking at pictures from when you were dating!).

If you find a fun picture of the two of you, pull it out to frame and display in a place you
both can see on a regular basis.

More than anything, enjoy the evening together walking down memory lane!

If you’re really energetic, you can also make a marriage scrapbook together! Here are
some pages you could include:
• The story of how you met
• Dating memories
• Wedding/Honeymoon memories
• Favorite things you say to each other
• Favorite places to go, do, or be together
• Major life changes, moves, discoveries
• Vacations
• Cards or notes you’ve given each other over the years

Print Out PDF:  A-Walk-Down-Photo-Memory-Lane.pdf