Fall is in the air, making it a perfect time to enjoy some activities only available in the
Fall. Walking through the leaves, carving pumpkins, enjoying a pumpkin spice latte, getting lost in a corn maze…these are all the makings of a fun day of play for the two of

The highlight of this date, however, is carving pumpkins. Only adults allowed!
Start this date with a trip to a local apple orchard or pumpkin patch. If you don’t have
one nearby, a trip to the grocery store will do just fine so each of you get the delight of
selecting your own pumpkin to carve.

If you have kids, resist the urge to take your kids with you to pick out their pumpkins. This
date is designed for stress-free, kid-free time. Take the kids to get their pumpkins at
another time. You’ll also want to arrange for the kids to not be home when you do the
carving. Trade sitting with another couple, have the kids go to grandmas, or do the
pumpkin carving after they’re in bed.

While you’re out getting your pumpkin, make sure you grab a pumpkin donut, caramel
apple, or other yummy fall treat you enjoy. If you’re at an apple orchard or pumpkin
patch with a corn maze, go exploring together. You can even stop at your favorite
coffee shop and pick up your favorite pumpkin spice fall drink on your way there or on
your way home. If you’d like, you can also pick up apple cider to enjoy at home while
you’re carving your pumpkins.

If you want to work with templates, you can find kits at your local craft shop. (You can
also find hundreds of free templates, video tutorials, and carving tips at

Once home, spread out some newspaper and get to work on cleaning out and carving your pumpkins! You can create faces or carve words. You can go serious or silly. The important thing is that you’re being creative and having fun together!

Happy Fall!

Print Out PDF:  Lets-Carve-Out-Some-Time-for-Us.pdf