Looking for a date night activity that doesn’t cost a dime, gets you out of the house, and is lots of fun? The bookstore date night is just what you need!

While there aren’t as many bookstores as there used to be, most communities still have one or two if you count secondhand bookstores. If you don’t have a bookstore in your community, this could also be a fun road trip to a nearby city.

Once you arrive at the bookstore, you’ll embark on a scavenger hunt to find fun books to share with each other.

What are you looking for? Here are some ideas:

  • Home Design Book—Leaf through a home design book and talk about the things you like and don’t like in home decoration, organization, and design. Talk about things you’d like to do to your home.
  • Marriage Book—Scan a marriage book and find one nugget of wisdom to share with each other! Talk about why you chose that and why it’s important to you.
  • Children’s Book—Head to the children’s section and find one of your favorite childhood books. Read the books together and talk about why you liked it and what memories you have about it being read to you.
  • Cookbook—Find an interesting cookbook to explore and then find one recipe in the book you’d like to try. Share that recipe with your spouse. Talk about why you’re drawn to that recipe.
  • Magazine—Search for a magazine you believe fits your spouse perfectly. Share your discoveries with each other and talk about why you think it fits them perfectly.
  • Joke Book—Find a joke book and share jokes with each other. Enjoy the much-needed laughter together.

Think of this as a discovery date. When your spouse shares with you, listen well. Make it safe for them to share their thoughts. You can even use the elements of safe conversations to help do that. (Learn about safe conversations in the Date Night site. Click on “Dig Deeper Tracks” and then “Core Content.”)

  • What I hear you saying is….
  • Is that correct?
  • Is there more about that?
  • Thank you for sharing that!

Enjoy your time together!

Print Out PDF: Scavenger-Hunt-Bookstore-Style.pdf