As the weather turns warmer, it’s a perfect time to take a walk and explore.  If you walk together as a couple already, for this date you’ll choose a different path than usual.  If possible, choose somewhere you can enjoy some nature.

Resist the urge to powerwalk and instead meander along, taking the time to really see your surroundings.  Explore, engage, and marvel at the beauty of creation from the tiniest ant to the tallest tree.

Armed with cameras (smartphone cameras are just fine), snap a picture of whatever catches your eye as you walk. With each snapshot share with your spouse what you were drawn to in the picture. What did you see?  Why did you capture that picture?  What caught your eye?

Keep snapping and chatting, reconnecting with nature and each other. Before you finish, snap a selfie of the two of you and share one beautiful thing you see in each other.

When you finish your walk you can simply enjoy the memory of your time together or you can upload some of your pictures to do one of the following:

  • Create a wallpaper or screen saver for your computer(s)
  • Print out a favorite or two to frame and display in your home
  • Choose one picture to serve as a wallpaper for your smartphone
  • Create a small photobook of your best images through an online site like Shutterfly.

Each time you see that picture (or pictures), it will remind you of the sweet time you spent together.

We took our Snap and Chat Date while we were on a trip to Colorado.  Here are some of the pics we snapped and shared about…we’d love to see yours if you’d like to share! (You can do that below where it says “Leave a Reply.”)

Want to print out a PDF of this date night? Click here: Snap-and-Chat-Date-Night-PDF-for-download.pdf