Life today is much more complicated than life was a hundred years ago. There are so many distractions that pull us away from the relationships that mean the most to us.

This date helps to remind us of the value of simplicity AND it gives you an opportunity to step back in history and have an evening of simplicity.

The date starts with exploring a local history museum together. This could be a small, unique museum in your community or a bigger museum that’s better known.

After you spend time meandering through the museum, you’ll continue to experience the past with a no electronics evening.

A candlelight dinner with uninterrupted conversation will be the highlight of the evening. After dinner you can continue playing a game by candlelight, reading a marriage book together by candlelight, or just snuggling on the couch together and talking by candlelight.

Here are some conversation starters for this date:

*What did you enjoy most about today?
*What was one thing at the museum that intrigued you?
*What would you have enjoyed most if you’d lived 100 years ago?
*What are you most grateful for living in this time period?
*What’s one way I can encourage you right now?

Print out the date here: Step-Back-In-History.pdf