The holidays is an easy time for our marriage to slip to the backburner.  In order to not let that happen, we have to be intentional about keeping the spark in our relationship.

This month’s Design-A-Date is actually a variety of little things you can do to keep a playful spirit in your marriage.  Whether you do one of these or all 12, you’ll be infusing your relationship with some focused fun that will keep you having fun together!

Play #1: Play your favorite board game together.

Play #2: Play footsies under the table or as you sit next to each other on the couch or across from each other at a restaurant.

Play #3: Have a pillow fight and enjoy the sound of each other’s laughter.

Play #4: Play like a tourist in your own town and explore something or somewhere you’ve never experienced before.

Play #5: Play your favorite song and dance to it in your kitchen.

Play #6: Play like you’ve been apart for a long time and just stand and hold each other for a couple of minutes.

Play #7: Play in bed. Have a night of where you take intercourse off the table and simply enjoy giving each other playful, sexual pleasure.

Play #8: Playfully flirt by text with your spouse. (If you need ideas, sign up for the Flirt Alert. The PDF and Email format are free. If you’d prefer the text format, you can also get it free by using our members-only coupon code DATENIGHT.)

Play #9: Play without screens. Select a day you’ll both commit to stay off screens–no computer, video games,  or television. Use your phone only for phone calls. See how much conversation and laughter you can increase with a decrease in screens.

Play #10: Play chef and learn to prepare a new dish together in the kitchen.

Play #11: Play in the shower or bathtub together.

Play #12: Play in nature somehow–take a walk, build a snowman together, catch snowflakes on your tongue, gaze at the stars together. Marvel together at God’s beautiful creation.