This date is a fun one if your spouse likes surprises! (If your spouse doesn’t like surprises, you might want to pick another Design-a-Date from the Design-A-Date Library here in the Date Night Site!)

Plan the Date:

  • Think about some of your spouse’s favorite things. Some ideas might include:
  • Favorite Place to Go
  • Favorite Activity
  • Favorite Hobby
  • Favorite Restaurant
  • Favorite Ice Cream Shop

Identify two or three favorites to include in your date.

Set a date and time for your adventure and tell your spouse that you have a surprise date planned for them.

Get a blindfold.


Make the date happen:

Blindfold your spouse.

Drive to the first favorite of your spouse. See if they can guess where they are based upon the smells and sounds. Remove the blindfold and enjoy your time there. When you’re done, tell him/her there’s more but they have to put their blindfold on again!

Drive to the second favorite and repeat.

Drive to the third and repeat!


Optional ending for your date:

If you want to carry the blindfold theme even further, head home and take the blindfold theme into the bedroom. Shutting down one sense intensifies the others. Make this a night of sharing the blindfold and surprising each other with pleasure.

Print out the PDF of this date: The-Blindfold-Date.pdf