When we’re dating, we tend to lean towards discovering life together. After marriage, we get into activity ruts, forgetting the importance of discovery.

This date blends learning, innovation, and creativity to battle stagnation in your relationship.

You can approach this date from two different angles. You can gather items on your own and utilize YouTube videos to learn how to do something together or you can take advantage of classes offered in your community. Below you’ll find links to some videos that can give you ideas for creating your own discovery date and you’ll find the words you need to enter into Google to find classes in your community that you can attend together.

The goal is finding something that you both enjoy exploring. One of you may have more interest than the other, but you’re both willing to discover something together.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Painting (Look for “paint and wine” classes in your area. You don’t have to incorporate wine into the evening, however most of these classes make that a part of the package.)

Pottery (Look for “create your own pottery” businesses in your area.)

Jewelry (Look for “jewelry classes” in your area.)

Cooking (Look for “cooking classes” in your area.)  Here’s a video to cast a vision of what a stay-at-home date night might look like!

Ballroom Dancing—Salsa, Two-Step, Swing, Waltz (Look for “Ballroom Dancing” lessons in your area.)

Want to make sure it’s a successful date night discovering together? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Laugh often. Make “having fun together” your goal. Resist that what you’re doing needs to be perfect, right, or done a certain way.
  • Let go of opinions. This is about exploring together, not following a set of rules.
  • If you don’t like what your spouse makes or how they are doing the activity, keep your thoughts to yourself. Find something about what he or she is doing that you can affirm and encourage.
  • Resist helping unless your spouse asks you to help them. Sometimes our “help” or suggestions are misread as criticism.
  • Keep your words and tone of voice positive. Your goal is to affirm, encourage, and have fun together!

Now go have fun discovering, learning, or creating together!

Discovery Date Printable PDF: Discovery-Date.pdf