When we’re dating, we’re in a constant state of discovery. We’re discovering the likes and dislikes of each partner. We’re experiencing things together like music concerts, plays, sporting events, family gatherings, restaurants and other activities that help us discover the world around us and give us something to talk about.

When we get married we often stop discovering the world together. The daily routines of life make up most of our conversations and we just don’t have the time to Most of us can’t just jump on a plane and discover Rome together to keep the sense of discovery in our marriage so we have to think creatively.

We also tend to lose our sense of discovery with food and meals. We prepare the same things over and over again because they’re familiar and we’re creatures of habit.

This date night allows you to explore some likes and dislikes together once again!

Head to the grocery store as a couple. Then head to the produce department. Now explore together. Find 10-20 different kinds of fruit you’ve never tasted before (you might want to take a picture of the fruit next to the grocery store sign so you remember what each kind of fruit is!). Buy one of each kind of fruit (enough that you each can have a taste) and head back home.

When you get home, get a piece of paper (or download our Fruit Bowl Date Night printout below) to keep track of which fruits you like or dislike during your tasting session.

Now enjoy your tasting party! Keep track of what you like or dislike. Have fun trying, tasting, and even feeding each other. Take turns cutting/preparing the fruit to eat.

Once you’ve tried them all decide on one or two that you’ll start incorporating into your meals and put on your shopping list.

Clean up the kitchen together before bringing this date night to a close!

TIP: If you have children and can’t secure a sitter, try to do the shopping together even if it’s with the kids. This way you’re both fully invested. Then have your tasting party after the kids are in bed!

TIP: If you need to, you can shop on one day and have your tasting party the next day!

PDF printout of this date: Fruit-Bowl-Date-PDF-for-download.pdf

A Peek Inside Our Date

We tried four kinds of pears and our favorites ended up being the “anjou” and the red “d’anjou” pears.  We also discovered Meyer Lemons which are a blend between a lemon and a mandarin orange. We like lemon slices in our water and ice tea and we’ve been using the Meyer lemons for something different! Yum! 

We’d love to hear in the comments below about what you discovered on your Fruit Bowl Date Night!