Christmas is the season of giving. God gave us Jesus and Jesus came to give up His life
for us. This date night incorporates giving into the time you’ll spend together.

Sometimes we get so ingrained in our everyday roles and responsibilities, we forget that
it’s important to link arms as a couple and serve the world around us. God brought you
together to make a difference in this world and this date will remind you of that!

Pick someone in your church, neighborhood, or community to serve together. Maybe
it’s a widow or widower, a neighbor whose been sick, or a family whose breadwinner
has lost their job. Offer to shop for them, wrap presents, shovel snow, hang Christmas
lights, or help put up their Christmas decorations. You could even make them a meal
together and deliver it along with some Christmas cookies.

Sometimes giving can be a surprise (like showing up with a meal) or it can be
planned—although sometimes people have trouble being on the receiving end of
things. If you approach someone, simply tell them, “We are serving together as a
couple this Christmas and we’ve decided it’s you we’d like to serve. We have next
Saturday night available. How might we be able to serve you?” Follow up with
suggestions of some of the above ideas to see if it gets them thinking.

As you drive to serve them or while you’re serving them, ask each other (and the person
you’re serving if they’re around) some of these questions:

* When you think of Christmases past, what’s your all-time favorite Christmas gift?
* What’s the worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received?
* What is one of your favorite Christmas memories?
* What Christmas activity/tradition do you enjoy most?

Make sure and ask your spouse:

* What is one gift I can give you this year that doesn’t cost money?

You’re better together! Link arms and bless someone around you this Christmas season!


Print Out PDF:  Tis-the-Season.pdf