Have you always wanted to go to Italy or France or somewhere else on your bucket list but it’s just not been possible?

With this Design-A-Date you’ll bring your longed-for destination right into your home!

Here are the basics:

  • Set a date.
  • Select your destination.
  • Prepare (or order) the food.
  • Add some music that is representative of that location.
  • Optional: select a foreign film or a movie filmed in that setting

Here are more details:

Set your date and make arrangements for child care, if needed. This is a date that could even be done after the kids are in bed, especially if they have an early bedtime.

Decide where you’d like to “go.” Will you pretend you’re at a bistro in Paris or enjoying a glass of wine in Tuscany? Now research the food and set a menu to prepare together or determine a restaurant from where you’d like to order the food. One of you can take the lead and plan this or you can both plan it together. Be creative and try some new things with the food and drink. You’re going to explore together!

Music makes all the difference in creating ambiance. Put together a playlist of songs from that country. Simply Google “songs that make you feel like you’re in __________” (insert country name) to find some ideas!

Light some candles, set the table, and delight in your unique date night. If you’d like, you can end the evening snuggling and watching a foreign film or a movie filmed in that setting.

You will feel like you are traveling without having to leave your doorstep!


PDF of Date to print: Travel-at-Home-Date-Night.pdf