Dr. Kevin Leman tells it like it is. He talks openly and honestly about marriage, relationship, and sex. You’ll find that true in this Dive Deep Interview!

Dr. Leman’s newest book, Have a New Sex Life By Friday, is the topic of our discussion. Take some time to watch or listen and glean from his wisdom!


TRANSCRIPT:  Dive-Deep-Kevin-Leman.docx


Are we comfortable talking as a couple about sex? What advice can we take from this interview, and apply to having more open conversations?

Dr. Leman says that husbands need to be wanted, and woman need affection.  Talk about whether you agree with that and what your needs are as individuals.

What is your ideal date night? What can you plan that will give you quality time as a couple? Dr. Leman talks about just going for a quick meal with his wife. Is that doable in your current season?



How can I try to “get behind the eyes” of my spouse? What would change if I made an effort to look at life from his/her perspective?

What differences do my spouse and I have that I can choose to celebrate?



Books that Dr. Leman has authored (that are mentioned in this interview)

Have a New Sex Life by Friday

Sex Begins in the Kitchen

Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours

 “Sex is an all-day affair, and my challenge to couples is, if you don’t have an affair with your husband or your wife somebody else will.”