One of our goals here in No More Perfect Date Night is to share the real stories of real people who have walked through pain and come out victorious on the other side. Believe us when we say that this couple is no exception! If you have ever struggled with deep pain, doubt, depression, or self-esteem, this interview with Carlos and Rosemarie Evans will blow you away!

Carlos served with the Marine Corps for 8 years until one day, on May 17th, 2010, he stepped on an IED and lost both of his legs and one of his hands. During this dark time of depression and suicidal thoughts he eventually found hope and strength in Christ. Their marriage went through some very difficult times in his healing process…but they came out on the other side stronger!

We are confident that you will be challenged, inspired and encouraged by this couple. If you want to read more of their story, you can pick up a copy of their book Standing Together.



TRANSCRIPT: Dive-Deep-with-Carlos-and-Rosemarie-Evans.pdf

Talk About It:

Rosemarie powerfully illustrated what it looks like to uplift our spouse with our words. Do you feel uplifted and encouraged in our interactions with each another? How can I do better in this?

Carlos and Rosemarie discussed the importance of having an intentional marriage. Are we loving and serving each other intentionally? What practical things can we do to remind each other that we love one another?

Think About It:

Do I struggle with loving my body and embracing my wounds and scars? Do I see myself as God sees me?

Am I making my spouse a priority, or am I allowing busyness to get in the way?

Am I seeing my weaknesses as obstacles or as stepping stones?

Notes and Quotes:

“It takes a community to raise a family.”

“…faith, family, and friends are the three most important parts in life. ”

“I don’t see your wounds. I see scars, and when I see your scars, I see Jesus.”

“When you surrender your weakness to the Lord, then it doesn’t become an obstacle in your life, it becomes a stepping stone.”

Carlos powerfully reminded us that as much as we tend to reject our scars, we serve a Savior who also has scars! Not only that, but those wounds and scars are the very thing that allowed for us to be healed!