Our May Dive Deep Interview is with Greg and Julie Gorman.  Greg and Julie are the authors of several books including What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Marriage and Two Are Better Than One. You can find them online at www.gormanleadership.com.

We love talking with Greg and Julie because they are honest! We know you’ll be encouraged!  After you watch/listen, we’ve included some reflection and discussion questions for you to take this further and apply it to your relationship.

Note: The quality of the audio improves after the first 10 seconds of the interview!



Transcript: Dive Deep with Greg and Julie Gorman

For Couple Discussion:

Are you aware of any vows you’ve written upon your heart that might be causing conflict or keeping intimacy at bay? (Julie’s vow was “I will never let any man hurt me again,” and Greg’s was “I’m not going to be controlled by anybody.”)

Is there anywhere in our relationship where we need to ask ourselves, “Are we going to live like this or are we going to do something different?”

Is there any part of our marriage where what we’re doing isn’t producing the result we want?  What’s a first step we can take to do something different in an effort to get a different result?

Have we gotten soft on date night? What can we designate as “our night?”

For Personal Reflection

What junk in the trunk did you carry into your marriage?

Greg and Julie both shared vows they had written on their heart going into marriage. Julie’s vow was “I will never let any man hurt me again,” and Greg’s was “I’m not going to be controlled by anybody.”  Have you ever thought about what vows you may have written on your heart that is getting in the way of your marriage being all that it can be?

Greg said he had to ask himself, “Am I going to live like this or am I going to do something different?”  In what part of your life or marriage would it be good for you to ask yourself that question?

He also asked himself, “Is what I’m doing producing the result that I want?”  Where are your actions not producing the result you want?

Quotes to think about or talk about:

“You don’t change until the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of change.”

“I had to quit being his Holy Spirit.”

“Drop your conditions and just love.”

“Are your expectations causing confrontations?”

“God stripped me of everything and anything that I could lay my identity to outside of Him.”

“She didn’t try to fix me. She supported me. She prayed me through it. She allowed me to vent and cry my heart out. She didn’t me me feel like I was an idiot and she had all the answers.”

“Our story isn’t finished yet. What we have to do now is take the next right step.”

“God whispered to my heart, ‘Faith isn’t contingent upon the outcome of your circumstances. Faith resides in the unshakable confidence of WHO I AM and my good intent towards you.'”

“God was doing in me what needed to be done in order to take me where he wanted to take me.”

“Sometimes we go into a dark tunnel and we’re tempted to back out of it because it’s uncomfortable in there. But if we back out we stay where we are. However if we dig into it, getting honest with God and others, and we seek wisdom and keep turning to His truth, we will come out on the other side and experience something new.”

“We had gotten soft on our date night. About a month ago we re-designated a particular night as date night and we guard it ferociously. It’s been very important and powerful for us.”