This week we had the joy of chatting with Greg and Lynn McDonald, authors of Embracing the Journey. Their story, including an affair, having a son with same-sex attraction, and overcoming guilt and shame is one of love, healing, and redemption. We so enjoyed getting to know them better and we’re sure that you will too!


TRANSCRIPT: Greg-and-Lynn-McDonald.doc


Talk About It

  • Do we need to start making sacrifices in order to get Christian marriage counseling? What sacrifices can we start making today?
  • Are we operating as a team? How can we do this better in times of conflict?
  • Are we loving our kids not for who we wish they were, but for who they are today? Are we loving each other that way?

Think About It

  • Greg and Lynn talked about how easy it was for them to get sucked into blaming themselves and one another when they found out that their son had same-sex attraction. This can be easy to do no matter what issue you’re facing. Am I blaming myself for issues that are beyond my control? Am I blaming my spouse? How can I stop pointing fingers and start processing these issues in a healthy way?
  • Do I view my spouse as the enemy whenever we argue? How can I remind myself that we’re a team when things get tough?
  • When Lynn found herself struggling in her marriage, the first place she turned to was a Christian mentor who she knew would point her to Christ. Do I have a Christian mentor in my life who I can turn to in times of need? If not, how can I take steps towards finding an older Christian I can trust?

Notes and Quotes

  • “It’s God’s job to judge, it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, and it’s our job to love.” — Billy Graham
  • “When you run out of options and you’re back is against the wall, you have no other place other than to fall into Jesus’ arms.” — Greg McDonald
  • “Just because you’re experiencing something painful, [that] doesn’t mean it has to end poorly.” — Lynn McDonald
  • “You are going to look into the mirror, but don’t stay there long because nothing good comes from it.” — Ed Dobson
  • Accepting and agreeing are not the same thing. Accepting those that you disagree with means choosing to still show them genuine love, care and concern even if you can’t agree on a certain issue(s). You are not required to agree with someone in order to accept them.