If you understood the normal progress of a marriage, you might not feel so alone at times. Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe have identified seven stages of marriage. Their insight is so rich in this Dive Deep Interview!


Talk About It:

What ring (stage) are we currently in?

Is there a ring (stage) we need to go back to, to help us build a better foundation?

Would our children want to get married based on our marriage that they see everyday?

Think About It:

Does the real me show up in marriage or do I withhold parts of myself from my spouse? If so, why?

Do I have an expectation of getting to the prospering stage sooner than is realistic?

Notes and Quotes:

Happily Married Couples Ministry Jackie & Stephana Bledsoe   www.happilymarriedcouples.com/quiz

Seven Rings of Marriage Jackie Bledsoe

1-Engagement ring: building a foundation God’s way

2-Wedding ring: covenant, commitment together with no contingencies.

3-Discovering: be intentional about learning about yourself and your spouse. Discover who your spouse is and the real you. Neither of you are the same as when you first met.

4-Persevering: develop endurance, mindset shift. Our attitude and how we approach hard seasons will change everything.

5-Restoring: things get broken, we need to learn how to forgive one another. Need a foundation of faith, because Christ is the one to restore.

6-Prospering: mature mindset as you go through each ring (stage). Gain a new perspective.

7-Mentoring: look to give back to other couples. Pour back into marriages. Share the real stuff with others.