This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Larry and Kathy Miller. The Millers wear many hats, including serving as counselors, speakers, and writing numerous books including Never Ever Be the Same. Not to mention that they’ve also been married for 49 years! This inspiring couple walks us through what it looks like to identify our past wounds so that we can move towards healing in our personal lives and our marriages. This is an interview you won’t want to miss!



Talk About It:

  • Are we seeing each other as the enemy? What lies about ourselves and each other do we need to confront so that trust can be restored?
  • What areas do we frequently experience conflict in? Are there wounds at the root of these conflicts that we both need to identify and work through?

Think About It:

  • Which of the 7 steps outlined in this video stood out the most to me? Why did this step resonated so deeply?
  • Are there wounds from my past that need to be addressed? How have these wounds impacted how I relate with my spouse?
  • Is there a Self-Protective Sinful Strategy that I am holding onto?
  • Am I turning to my spouse to fulfill my needs and confirm my identity? Am I relying on them to play God’s part in my life?
  • What areas of my life do I need to surrender?

Notes and Quotes:

Larry and Kathy talked us through these 7 steps from their book Never Ever Be the Same:

  1. Wound
  2. Message
  3. Belief (Lies)
  4. Vow
  5. Strategy
  6. Self-Protective Sinful Strategy
  7. Hooking

“The only thing we’ve got is the hope of heaven, the hope of our salvation, and the finished work of Christ that is activated by our faith.” Larry Miller

Kathy Miller recommended taking the time to journal and write out your story to determine past wounds that may be impacting your life today. This can be a challenging process, but oftentimes taking  time to do the hard soul-searching can be a big step towards healing and restoration.