“Our marriage was dead. It had a beginning, it had an end, but then God resurrected it.” Linda Blaize

For this Dive Deep interview, we are going to be hearing from Mike and Linda Blaize. After a painful affair and a long season of divorce, Mike and Linda experienced God’s resurrection power in their marriage. Now married for the second time, this kind and humorous couple is more in love than ever with God and with each other!

We had such a great time speaking with Mike and Linda, and we are sure that you are going to love this interview!


TRANSCRIPT:  Dive-Deep-Interview-with-Mike-and-Linda-Blaize.pdf

Talk About It:

  • Mike and Linda talked about the importance of prayer in a marriage. Are we making time for prayer in our relationship?  (Practical tip: Praying just a few sentences together at night in the dark is often the best place to start!)
  • How can we find ways to serve others together?
  • What activities do we enjoy doing together? How can we make time in our schedule for these activities?

Think About It:

  • Is Christ the first priority in my life? In my marriage?
  • Am I self-centered in my relationship with my spouse? How can I serve him/her better?
  • Is there a message that God is trying to get across to me? Am I listening?
  • Mike and Linda found a lot of healing by being surrounded by the church. Am I plugged into a church? Do I have people around me to keep me accountable and to walk alongside me? If not, how can I get connected?

Quotes and Notes:

  • “I loved me, I thought she did, we were a perfect couple!” Mike Blaize
  • “I can beat you; I can’t beat your God.” Mike Blaize
  • “Servanthood is sexy.” Mark Savage

Ministries Mentioned in this Interview: