It’s so inspirational to hear about a marriage that’s been destroyed and rebuilt again.  That would describe Clint and Penny Bragg, authors of Marriage on the Mend and their newest book Marriage Off Course.  We had a chance to pre-read Marriage Off Course and it is EXCELLENT!

So was this interview. Clint and Penny have so much wisdom to share! We know you will love this conversation!




Talk About It

Is there a way we can set aside time as a couple to look at what we have planned for the next 90 days, or even 60 or 30?

Can we more intentionally pray together like Clint and Penny do on Sunday evenings?

Could we make a timeline of each of our highs and lows as individuals and as a couple to see if we can see some of our history through a different lens? Is that something you’d be interested in trying?

What would you think about trying their favorite date night where we go to a movie and then go out afterwards to  talk about the movie, the characters, and how it made us feel? Asking each other if there was anything that we could relate to in our marriage? Could we give it a try?

Think About It

Clint and Penny talk about how they learned about each other’s cultural background. Is that something that causes differences between you and your spouse? If so, how can you intentionally make an effort to learn more about your spouse’s family culture?

Are you and your spouse comfortable praying together? What’s one step you could take to make praying together a priority?  If your spouse is unwilling to pray together, what is one step you could take to make praying FOR your marriage a priority?

Notes and Quotes

Tools in marriage:

  • Meet with God individually, daily
  • Pray together at the beginning of the day, for God to:
    • Protect
    • Provide
    • Be Present
  • Weekly devotional time
  • Get away four times a year to plan out the next 90 days

Clint and Penny’s website–

“You’ve got to push through awkward to get to a new normal.” Mark and Jill Savage