Justin and Trisha Davis’ marriage just about didn’t make it.

But God.

They share their story in their book Beyond Ordinary.  This interview was so rich with experience and hard-earned wisdom.  We know you’ll love it!


TRANSCRIPT: Dive-Deep-with-Justin-and-Trisha-Davis.docx

Talk About It:

  • Have we simply settled into a good marriage? What steps can we take to have an extraordinary one?
  • Are we walking in truth? If not, how can we start?
  • Are we equating activity with time in our marriage? How can we invest in our marriage by intentionally spending quality time together?

Think About It:

  • What is my motivation for loving my spouse?
  • Am I feeling burnt out? Is my spouse? What steps need to be taken in order to rest?
  • Justin and Trisha spoke about having a Messiah complex and attempting to apply a quick fix to all of your spouse’s problems. Do I have a Messiah complex? What impact is it having on our marriage?

Quotes and Notes:

  • “You can’t a heal a wound you don’t give a name to.”
  • “Your best marriage is an overflow of your best relationship with God.”
  • Justin and Trisha talked about the importance of journaling. Not only is this a great way to process your own thoughts and emotions, but God can also use it to help us in the process of letting go. If this is something you have never done,  consider trying it! Feel free to reach out to us and let us know if you find it helpful.