Nearly every marriage has to navigate the rough waters of life. In this Dive Deep Interview we talk with Gene and Carol Kent and Cindy and Dave Lambert, the authors of Staying Power: Building a Stronger Marriage When Life Sends It’s Worse.

This was a rich conversation. Gene and Carol’s only child is serving a life sentence in prison and Cindy and Dave have raised a grandchild. Both of these couples have survived life circumstances that are less than ideal and their marriages have survived and even thrived. We need their wisdom so we are prepared when our lives hit rocky circumstances we didn’t see coming.


Talk About It:

What was one thing they talked about in the interview that really struck you or challenged you personally?

Is there any way we can work better together as a team so we have more staying power?


Think About It:

Do I listen to and value the input or advice of my spouse?

Can I forgive my spouse in real time?

Do I expect my spouse to read my mind?

Notes and Quotes:

Staying Power by Cindy & Dave Lambert, Carol & Gene Kent

Dave Lambert, “I will not expect my spouse to read my mind.”