Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth have a very interesting story. Robert was married to his wife Bobbie for almost 45 years. Two months before she passed away from cancer, she indicated to two friends that she wanted him to marry Nancy Leigh DeMoss. While they knew each other, Nancy was in her late 50’s and had never been married. She had served all her life as a single woman, and had no initial thoughts of getting married at her age. However, after much prayer and reaching out to friends and family, the two married in November of 2015! We are sure that you will love hearing their story and learning from their seasoned wisdom.


TRANSCRIPT: Lies-Women-Believe-and-How-They-Affect-Our-Marriage.doc

Talk about it:

  • Are we intentional about talking through our issues together? How can we do this better?
  • Nancy talked about how she and Robert practice racing to the cross to ask forgiveness from God and one another in times of conflict. Are we quick to race to the cross when we face conflict in our marriage?
  • Are there any responsibilities we need to shed so that we can fully commit ourselves to the tasks we have been called to fulfill?


Think about it:

  • Are there lies I am believing that are causing me to act out against my spouse?
  • Am I playing the blame game? How can I take responsibility for my actions instead of blaming others?
  • Nancy pointed out that our circumstances and emotions squeeze us and reveal what is inside of us. When I’m under pain or pressure, how do I respond? What areas of myself can I be working on?
  • Nancy spoke about writing a gratitude journal for Robert, and how deeply it impacted him. We can’t underestimate the power of encouragement! What ways has your spouse blessed you? Consider buying a journal and start recording things you appreciate about them!


Notes and Quotes:

  • “All the pain, the heartache, [and] the heartbreak that we see in marriages and in our world today flow out of believing things about God and ourselves and our world that aren’t true.”
  • “Breathe grace in, breathe grace out.”Want to pick up Nancy’s book? Click the image below: