Has addiction invaded your family? If so, you’re not alone. This Dive Deep Interview with Licensed Addiction Counselor Sandra Beecher will give you hope and help if you need it. Tune in to find out some best practices on dealing with addiction in your marriage and/or family.


Transcript: Sandra-Beecher-Interview.pdf

Talk About It:

Are there addictions that you have dealt with in your family in the past? How did you deal with it then? How are you dealing with it now?

Do you feel like you are struggling with an addiction? Would you like to talk with me or someone else about it?

Think About It:

Are there addictions in my life (alcohol, drugs, eating, shopping, spending, gambling)?

Am I helping or enabling my spouse (or family member) with an addiction that they struggle with?

Have I reached a point where I can’t control myself? Who will it be best for me to talk with?

Notes and Quotes:

Addiction isn’t just alcohol and substance abuse, it can be a process addiction: eating, shopping, spending, gambling, gaming, pornography.

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