A healthy marriage has no secrets. In fact, when we say “I do” we need to get a master key to each other’s lives. That’s what we’re talking about in this Double Date with Mark and Jill!



Be-An-Open-Book.pdf Be-An-Open-Book.pdf


Talk About It

  • How can we operate as a team better?
  • Have I overreacted in the past in a way that would keep you from being honest?
  • Is there some way that we need to make sure that we both know website passwords, bill pay, and bank info in the case of illness or death?

Think About It

  • Is there anything I’m hiding from my spouse that I need to bring out in the open?
  • Was your privacy disrespected when you were a child?
  • Was deception a learned skill from my home of origin?

Notes and Quotes

Our spouse should always have access to:

  • Our phone.
  • Email
  • Computers

When we’re open to each other, it breeds honesty. When we’re not open to each other, it causes broken trust.

“Do not deceive each other with lies. Remember that you have taken off your old nature, like an old coat. As a result, you can stop doing all the bad things that you liked to do before.” Colossians 3:9 EASY

It’s also important to be an open book to prepare for the future.