When our relating patterns don’t work well, we need to start blazing some new paths by learning different relationship skills. A new skill will need to be practiced and will initially feel uncomfortable and awkward. That is NORMAL! But if we want something different, we have to learn to be comfortable with awkward until is becomes a new normal.



Transcript: Be-Comfortable-with-Awkward.pdf

Talk About It:

Do we try to solve too many issues in one conversation?

Can we commit to feeling a little uncomfortable and awkward to make our communication better in the long run?

Think About It:

Am I listening to what my spouse said and responding to their communication or am I thinking about how I feel?

Is there information that I need to “push” to my spouse, instead of assuming they should just know?

Notes and Quotes:

A new strategy will feel uncomfortable and awkward, but if we want something different, we have to stop doing things the same way.

Even though it may feel inefficient, slow down communication and deal with one issue per conversation.

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