We can’t let television/movies shape our thoughts on sex, but too often they do! How many lies do I believe about sex? This Double Date with Mark and Jill will help you adjust your thinking and find the truths you need to focus on as it relates to sex and intimacy.



Talk About It:

Was there any inappropriate situations with sex in your past that we haven’t talked about?

What limiting beliefs do we struggle with about sex?

How can we work on realizing the truth together?

What’s one next right step we can make to make sex a priority in our relationship?

Think About It:

How do I think about sex? (Hint: what words come to mind when I think about sex?)

What limiting belief(s) do I struggle with as it relates to sex?

What is one next right step I can take to make sex a priority in my head and heart?

Notes and Quotes:

JIll Savage “The biggest sex organ in your body is your brain. Your thinking affects your feelings, which affects your behaviors, which affects your actions, which affects your results.”

Limiting Belief- Sex is dirty. Truth- Sex is beautiful and it is God given.

Limiting Belief- Sex is only for making babies. Truth- Sex is for procreation, but it’s also for satisfaction, enjoyment and pleasure.

Limiting Belief- Sexual activity is sexual intimacy. Truth- Sexual activity is a culmination of sexual intimacy as well as emotional intimacy.

Limiting Belief- Sex is only sex if intercourse happens. Truth- Intercourse can be a part of sexual intimacy and often is, but you can have sexual intimacy without intercourse.

Limiting Belief- Sex should be spontaneous. Truth- Sex may need to be scheduled, in order to make it a priority.

Limiting Belief- Sex is just for him, it’s not for me. Truth- God gave sex for both men and women to enjoy.

Limiting Belief- Sex is too much work. Truth- Sexual intimacy is worth the work.

Limiting Belief- Sexual desire is a feeling. Truth- We can create sexual desire.

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