We are shaking it up a little this week. Instead of a Double Date with Mark and Jill, we want to introduce you to our friends Greg and Julie Gorman. Greg and Julie are authors, speakers and coaches who are passionate about helping couples find purpose in their marriage and learn how to dream together! Get ready to lean in and dream big!

TRANSCRIPT:  Discover-Your-Marriage-Purpose-with-Greg-and-Julie-Gorman.pdf

Greg and Julie gave us many questions to discuss as we dream about our future marriages together. Take some time to work through these questions with your spouse or, if that’s not possible, on your own. We have also created a worksheet with the questions that you can print out and work through together. You can find it below. Remember: dreaming is a vital step towards walking in the calling that God has for you!

  1. What does our perfect vision for the future look like?
  2. Who are we in 5 years?
  3. Where are we living?
  4. What are we doing?
  5. What passions are we sharing in common?
  6. How do we demonstrate love to one another?
  7. How is our health?
  8. What are we proud of 5 years from today?
  9. What’s going on in our kids’ lives, and how do we relate to them?
  10. What kind of income are we sharing?
  11. Who do we serve together?
  12. How do our values align with our vision?

Dream Together Worksheet:  Dream-Together-Worksheet.pdf