This summer we’ve been focusing on setting aside time for our marriage.  In June we looked at Daily Dates, in July we looked at Weekly or Bi-Weekly Dates, and this month we’re finishing up with the importance of Annual Getaways for two.

We’re not talking Paris or Rome here…just getting away from the rat race of daily routines to do something fun together.  We share some of our own experiences in this month’s Double Date video. We’d love for you to add to the conversation!  Add your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!



TRANSCRIPT: Get-Away-From-The-Everyday-Transcript-1.doc

Talk About It:

What do we do for our anniversary each year? Is this a good time for a getaway?  What can we plan for our next anniversary?

Are we budgeting for marriage getaways?
If so, is the amount we’re setting aside still working for us?
If not, what can we do to make that happen? Automatic transfers to a savings account?

If finances won’t allow for a getaway that costs something, is there a way we can think outside the box and do something at home?

Do we have any difficult dates in our marriage history that we need to reframe?  Any time of the year it would be good for us to intentionally make new memories?

Think About It:

Am I willing to take time off work in order for us to get away?

Am I willing to leave the kids in order for us to get some time together?

What do I need to do to make this a priority financially?


There are five reasons your marriage needs a vacation.

  • You need to relate and make new memories together.
  • You need to relax.
  • You need romance.
  • You need to recognize the world will go on without you for a few days.
  • You need to rediscover each other.