When you see your way as being the only right way, it can be easy to get upset with others for doing things differently. In marriage, this only leads to power struggles! In this Double Date with Mark and Jill, we are going to teach you how to combat that with your God-tool of Acceptance.


TRANSCRIPT:  Your-God-Tool-of-Acceptance.pdf

Talk About It:

  • Do you feel accepted in our relationship?
  • Do you ever feel parented in this marriage? How can I do better?
  • How can we embrace and celebrate each other’s differences?

Think About It:

  • Am I able to be myself in this marriage? Am I allowing my spouse to be themselves?
  • What value does my spouse’s differences add to our relationship?
  • Which of the three steps to acceptance stands out the most? How can I work on improving in this area?

Quotes and Notes:

“When we use our God-tool of acceptance, it’s actually a gift to our spouse because we’re letting them be themselves.” Jill Savage

By accepting your spouse, you are:

  • Resisting the urge to change them.
  • Allowing them to do things differently than you do.
  • Allowing them to like things that you don’t like and vice versa.
  • Understanding that their brain works differently than your does.

Mark and Jill’s Three Steps to Acceptance

  • Reframe: Look for the good in what your spouse does, instead of dwelling on the negative.
  • Resist: Bite your tongue to keep from saying unnecessary comments or criticisms.
  • Rejoice: Embrace your differences, and see them as a strength in your marriage!