1st Corinthians is read at many weddings. Most of us long for a 1st Corinthians love but too often we want to receive it but don’t realize what it really looks like to give it. In this episode, Mark and Jill talk about what it is to love and to  “bear all things.”


Talk about it:

What is one takeaway or personal challenge you have from this teaching?

How can I love you better? (When your spouse answers this, just listen and respond with, “Thank you for sharing that. I’ll try to be more aware of this in the future.”)

Think about it:

How do I respond when I’m frustrated? Is it a loving response?

To bear all things has the meaning to cover like a roof. A love that bears all things protects in the same way a roof protects a house. Do I protect my spouse?

Is my love steadfast or is it finicky?

Am I accepting God’s love so I can then share it with my spouse?

Notes and Quotes

1 Corinthians 13:7 ESV, “ Love bears all things…”

We don’t have to “bear all things” alone. God will give us all we need to love, as He loves us.

Bearing in love many times is to love others who may not be loving us back.


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