Too often we try to make external changes when we really need to deal with internal problems. Is there anything going on in your heart that’s affecting your marriage? In this video, Mark and Jill share more of their story as well as how their marriage was affected by what was going on inside their head and their heart.


TRANSCRIPT:  The-Condition-of-Your-Heart.doc

Talk About It

Are we making external changes hoping it will fix internal problems?
Are there any internal problems we need to tend to? Get help for?
Have you ever felt like you’ve closed your heart off to me?
How can I pray for you this week?

Think About It

What is the condition of my heart towards my spouse? Towards God?
Is Jesus truly the leader of my life?
What areas in my life do I need to surrender?
Is there something that I’m holding back from completely surrendering?

Notes and Quotes

“Sometimes we open and close our heart to our spouse.”  –Jill Savage

“We have to watch out for soul mirages.” –Mark Savage

“It’s unhumanable.” –Jill Savage

“If you’ll trust me for the clean slate, I’ll take care of the rest.” –God