TRANSCRIPT:  When-I-Said-I-Do.pdf

Talk About It:

Do you feel accepted by me?  If not, what can I do to help you feel more accepted?

Do you feel criticized by me? If so, can you share with me a recent time when you felt that?

NOTE: If you ask each other these questions, you need to keep it a safe conversation.  Respond with “Thank you for sharing that.” or “I can receive that.” or “I’m so sorry. Will you please forgive me?” No defending. No blaming. Just listening to hear, to understand, and to get honest feedback.

Think About It:

How am I doing with accepting my spouse?

Am I looking for the easy button?

Is there something “cooking below the surface” that I need to deal with in my heart?

Is there anything I need to surrender to God?

Lord, change me please…

Notes and Quotes:

Grace is allowing another person to be human and not get “raked over the coals” for everything they do wrong or different than you.

Three ways to untangle our heart:

  • Don’t resign. Instead refine.
  • Don’t blame. Instead claim.
  • Forgive.

“Therefore accept one another as Christ has accepted you.”  Romans 15:7