When it comes to marriage, we believe the best is yet to come!

Better Communication | Deeper Intimacy | Strengthened Commitment

Be honest, does your marriage sound something like this?

You feel more like roommates than lovers, longing for the connected feeling you had when you were dating.

Your conversations are all about diapers, dishes and details but not about fears, feelings, or faith.

You know you should take time for your marriage, but you don’t know how or even where to begin.

You know there has to be more to marriage than what you’re experiencing, but you don’t know how to get there.

Relationships naturally drift apart and if you don’t do something different your hearts will slowly move away from each other.

That’s reality.

The foundation of your family is at stake.

Unless you’re intentional about connecting, good marriages become stale and hurting marriages disintegrate.

That’s our story. Mark and Jill 1.0 had become more like business partners or roommates. We did many right things like regular date nights, knowing and speaking each other’s love languages, and even going away just the two of us on occasion, but underneath it all our hearts were miles apart. This eventually led to a creeping separateness in our relationship, infidelity on Mark’s part, one very dark year, and a four-month separation.

As we began to put the broken pieces of our relationship back together, we began to have different kinds of conversations. We dug deeper, listened better, and learned more about fine-tuning the inside rather than symptom-treating the outside of our relationship. We also became life-long learners, committed to pursuing continuing education for our marriage.

Sharing our transformation from distant Mark and Jill 1.0 to dynamic Mark and Jill 2.0, people asked us how they could experience the same thing. They emailed, messaged, commented, and stopped us in the grocery store. We published our No More Perfect Marriages book first to raving reviews. “This is marriage counseling in a book format,” wrote one reader. “The best book on marriage,” said another.

There was so much we wanted to include in the book that we simply didn’t have the space for. That’s why we launched No More Perfect Marriages Date Night. Our members get to learn the game-changing relational skills and perspectives that transformed our marriage.

No More Perfect Date Night members have access to a library of over $2000 worth of marriage coaching transformational content PLUS new content we release weekly to help them move the needle on their relationship! They also get a weekly email reminding them to prioritize their marriage, a quarterly opportunity to win a free hour of private couple to couple marriage coaching, a monthly LIVE webinar, member-only discounts, and more!

Here’s what you need to know:

You can either continue down the marriage road you’ve already been traveling, or you can choose a different path. If you keep doing the same thing in your marriage, you’ll keep getting the same outcome. But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your relationship, you’re going to have to do something different.

Click the button below, fill out the order form, and start your FREE 7-day trial today. It will connect you to the marriage wisdom you need to start moving towards each other, have deeper conversations, and see each other through new eyes.

Make your marriage a priority

No More Perfect Date Night is a club for your marriage! When you join the No More Perfect Date Night community you get exclusive access to marriage experts who offer short, but power-packed content you can take in as an individual or as a couple. It’s continuing education for your marriage that will strengthen your commitment and deepen your intimacy.

When we get married it doesn’t take us long to realize we don’t know what we don’t know! There’s a learning curve to marriage regardless of whether we’ve been married 2 years or 42 years!


Adjust your expectations. Every marriage has its challenges. Understanding what’s “normal” will help you navigate the issues every couple deals with.

Resolve your issues. Too often we spend the bulk of our time dealing with the symptoms rather than the root issues that drive conflict and frustration. Our members tackle root issues and head off further conflict.

Prioritize your marriage. It’s entirely too easy to put our marriage on the backburner of life. Our weekly content keeps you thinking about your marriage.

Keep growing. There are no perfect marriages, but there are growing marriages. We keep you learning about yourself, each other, and marriage in general.

Experience contentment. The more you understand marriage and the better equipped you are to handle the everyday challenges of marriage, the more content you’ll be with your perfectly imperfect real marriage.

Increase fun. Our monthly Design-A-Date date nights help you get out of your activity ruts. They put fun back in your relationship just like it was when you were dating!

Packed With Features

Every week we address issues couples deal with including communication, finances, differences, listening, sex, romance, married with kids, empty nest, and so much more! Members access the information in six different ways:

Double Date with Mark and Jill

This 10-20 minute video teaching by Mark and Jill Savage or one of their guest teachers offers practical teaching and discussion/think-about-it questions for you to apply to your marriage right away!

Dive Deep

This 20-35 minute interview will dive deep into the wisdom and experience of marriage experts. Discussion/think-about-it questions will help you apply the content to your marriage right away.


Design a Date

Each month, members receive a creative date night that helps them increase the fun they have together as a couple.


Comment on any video or piece of content to ask questions and find encouragement from others on the marriage journey!


Dynamic Dialogue

Each month members will have access to a live webinar where they’ll learn about the topic of the month and can ask any question they want about marriage.

Discover More

This bonus section offers additional podcasts, videos, and other resources that puts marriage wisdom at your fingertips

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Renews Monthly

Your No More Perfect Date Night subscription gives you exclusive access to:

Marriage Experts

Mark and Jill Savage and their guests will tackle the topics you trip over in your marriage!

VIP Discounts

Membership has its benefits. No More Perfect Date Night members receive discounts on some No More Perfect Marriage events, Union 28 marriage attire, book table purchases at conferences the Savage’s speak at, private marriage coaching, and other marriage events and products!


The monthly LIVE webinar for members only allows you to ask any question you have about marriage.

VIP Events

No More Perfect Date Night Members have access to member-only coffee chats and giveaways.

Weekly Emails

Members receive once-a-week encouragement on marriage along with notification of new content available over in the Date Night site.

Your Date Night Coaches

Mark and Jill Savage are accomplished speakers and authors who are passionate about encouraging marriages. Jill is the founder of Hearts at Home, an organization that encouraged moms for 24 years, and she and Mark were in church ministry for twenty years. Jill is the author of 12 books and she and Mark have co-authored two of them including No More Perfect Marriages. They have been featured on Focus on the Family, Crosswalk.com, Family Life Today and Today’s Christian Women magazine.

Want to know how No More Perfect Date Night is unique?


It’s practical. We give you proven strategies to implement right away for immediate results. You’re even able to change your marriage even if your spouse isn’t willing to participate.


It’s honest. Getting naked outside the covers has been our mantra since our marriage imploded seven years ago. We’ve dug deep, removed masks, peeled away layers, and found each other and the marriage we always wanted. We are committed to helping you do the same.


It’s flexible. You can use the new content available every week or you can use the topical content to address specific challenges you’re working through.


It’s a conversation. We give you many opportunities to help design the content for No More Perfect Date Night based upon your needs. Surveys, content comments and conversations, as well as our monthly live webinars allow you to communicate your ideas, thoughts, questions, and needs.


There are no unproven theories here. This is the real stuff of life, lived out in all of its messiness. Lessons we learned the hard way are leveraged to help you steer clear of marriage potholes or navigate them well if you’ve already hit them.


It’s convenient. By bringing the content into your living via your computer, tablet, or phone, we’re making it easy to grow your marriage in an average of thirty minutes a week.


It’s affordable. For the cost of a weekly latte, you’re able to invest in your marriage without leaving your home or hiring a sitter. The average marriage counseling appointment is $100/hour. No More Perfect Date Night averages $6/hour for marriage coaching.

What Our Members Are Saying

I love the real and vulnerable along with the teaching and equipping. It helps a lot!


Mark and Jill Savage are incredible teachers. They remind us of what is important in our marriage.

John and Cathy

Married 48 years

We are so grateful for Mark and Jill’s insights, creativity, and wisdom. Their teaching has been a game-changer for our marriage.

Sue and Dave

Married 12 years

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a membership site?

A membership site is a website that is only available to members. It is accessible by a username and password and gives you access to premium content.  The No More Perfect Date Night membership site will become your go-to place for marriage coaching, content, and creative ideas, allowing you to connect both with marriage experts and a like-minded community.

What additional benefits can members enjoy?

In addition to the weekly marriage coaching content and discussion forum, members will have access to a Bonus Area of the website where they can find a variety of marriage resources at their fingertips. Additionally, members will:

  • Receive discounts on any future No More Perfect Marriages resources.
  • Receive a discount on any No More Perfect Marriage Seminars sponsored by Mark and Jill Savage (Note: we’re unable to offer discounts on No More Perfect Marriage seminars sponsored by churches and organizations).
  • Have access to in-person members-only coffee chats with the Savages if/when they’re in your area and time allows. Members will be notified within the site and by email when Mark and Jill Savage are traveling and in an area of the country and available for members-only coffee chats.
  • Be entered in exclusive members-only giveaways.
Is "No More Perfect Date Night" just for couples?

The No More Perfect Date Night Community can be used by both couples and individuals. If your spouse is willing to participate, we highly suggest you watch the videos together, discuss how the teaching applies to your marriage, do the date nights, and participate in the monthly webinar together. It’s a great way to move your marriage to a deeper level.  If your spouse travels frequently for work, you can even watch the videos separately and then set a date and time to process the content and apply it to your marriage.

My spouse isn't willing to participate. Is this still for me?

Yes! The discussion questions after the Double Date with Mark and Jill videos and the Dive Deep Interviews accommodate both couples and individuals.  A healthy marriage requires us to “be” the right person. Our encouragement is for you to use the No More Perfect Date Night site as a place where you pursue being a better “me” so you and your spouse can be a better “we” together.

How much time does it take each week?

Remember, you choose when and how you interact with the content. In general, our goal is to keep the time short but the content thought provoking and practical. Here is the general timeframe for each element:

  • Week 1: Double Date with Mark and Jill: One 10-20 minute video and 10-15 minutes of discussion following the video. Approximate total—30 minutes.
  • Week 2: Dive Deep Interview: 20-25 minute video interview with a marriage expert and approximately 10 minutes of discussion. Approximate total—30 minutes.
  • Week 3: Design A Date: This creative date night would probably be a 1-2 hour date.
  • Week 4: Dynamic Dialogue: This LIVE Q&A Members-only webinar will last approximately 45 minutes. Feel free to interact with Mark and Jill (and occasional guests) the whole time or whatever part of the webinar you can catch. You’re also welcome to catch the recorded webinar session anytime you want.
Is the content only available in video format?

While we expect most members will use the video format, the video content (mp4) will also be available in an audio format (mp3) and a written transcript format. This allows for easy access in a variety of modes and it accommodates different learning styles.

When will I see the monthly recurring charge?

The monthly charge will happen every 30 days from when you register.

What if I want to stop my membership?

You may cancel your membership at any time by emailing resources@jillsavage.org. Please allow 72 hours for processing. Upon cancellation, you will no longer be able to access No More Perfect Date Night.

What if I have suggestions for marriage topics to be covered?

We want you to share them! The best place to make those suggestions is in the comments below any post or emailing resources@jillsavage.org.  An initial response will likely be addressed both within the comments and at the quarterly LIVE webinar (it will always be recorded if you miss it LIVE!). If the topic is more complex or one that lends itself to a little more time, we may choose to do one of the Double Date with Mark and Jill videos on the topic, as well.

When are the live webinars?

They will always be at 8pm CST on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings once a quarter. We will alternate days of the week in order to give folks who have regularly scheduled events on certain nights of the week the ability to attend on occasion. Even if you’re not able to attend and interact LIVE, the webinars will be recorded for you to view at anytime. We announce the dates several weeks in advance so you can get it on your calendar.

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