Frequently Asked Questions

What is a membership site?
A membership site is a website that is only available to members. It is accessible by a username and password and gives you access to premium content.  The No More Perfect Date Night membership site will become your go-to place for marriage coaching, content, and creative ideas, allowing you to connect both with marriage experts and a like-minded community.
What additional benefits can members enjoy?
In addition to the weekly marriage coaching content and discussion forum, members will have access to a Bonus Area of the website where they can find a variety of marriage resources at their fingertips. Additionally, members will:

  • Receive discounts on any future No More Perfect Marriages resources.
  • Receive a discount on any No More Perfect Marriage Seminars sponsored by Mark and Jill Savage (Note: we’re unable to offer discounts on No More Perfect Marriage seminars sponsored by churches and organizations).
  • Have access to in-person members-only coffee chats with the Savages if/when they’re in your area and time allows. Members will be notified within the site and by email when Mark and Jill Savage are traveling and in an area of the country and available for members-only coffee chats.
  • Be entered in exclusive members-only giveaways.
Is “No More Perfect Date Night” just for couples?
The No More Perfect Date Night Community can be used by both couples and individuals. If your spouse is willing to participate, we highly suggest you watch the videos together, discuss how the teaching applies to your marriage, do the date nights, and participate in the monthly webinar together. It’s a great way to move your marriage to a deeper level.  If your spouse travels frequently for work, you can even watch the videos separately and then set a date and time to process the content and apply it to your marriage.
My spouse isn’t willing to participate. Is this still for me?
Yes! The discussion questions after the Double Date with Mark and Jill videos and the Dive Deep Interviews accommodate both couples and individuals.  A healthy marriage requires us to “be” the right person. Our encouragement is for you to use the No More Perfect Date Night site as a place where you pursue being a better “me” so you and your spouse can be a better “we” together.
How much time does it take each week?

Remember, you choose when and how you interact with the content. In general, our goal is to keep the time short but the content thought provoking and practical. Here is the general timeframe for each element:

  • Week 1: Double Date with Mark and Jill: One 10-20 minute video and 10-15 minutes of discussion following the video. Approximate total—30 minutes.
  • Week 2: Dive Deep Interview: 20-25 minute video interview with a marriage expert and approximately 10 minutes of discussion. Approximate total—30 minutes.
  • Week 3: Design A Date: This creative date night would probably be a 1-2 hour date.
  • Week 4: Dynamic Dialogue: This LIVE Q&A Members-only webinar will last approximately 45 minutes. Feel free to interact with Mark and Jill (and occasional guests) the whole time or whatever part of the webinar you can catch. You’re also welcome to catch the recorded webinar session anytime you want.
Is the content only available in video format?
While we expect most members will use the video format, the video content (mp4) will also be available in an audio format (mp3) and a written transcript format. This allows for easy access in a variety of modes and it accommodates different learning styles.
When will I see the monthly recurring charge?
The monthly charge will happen every 30 days from when you register.
Is your registration site encrypted?
Yes, our registration site is powered by SamCart which is one of the safest online purchasing sites available.
What if I want to cancel my membership?
You may cancel your membership at any time by emailing Upon cancellation, you will no longer be able to access No More Perfect Date Night. 
What if I have suggestions for marriage topics to be covered?
We want you to share them! The best place to make those suggestions is in the comments below any post or emailing  An initial response will likely be addressed both within the comments and at the monthly LIVE webinar (it will always be recorded if you miss it LIVE!). If the topic is more complex or one that lends itself to a little more time, we may choose to do one of the Double Date with Mark and Jill videos on the topic, as well.
When are the LIVE webinars?
They will always be at 8pm CST on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings once a month. We will alternate days of the week in order to give folks who have regularly scheduled events on certain nights of the week the ability to attend on occasion. Even if you’re not able to attend and interact LIVE, the webinars will be recorded for you to view at anytime. We announce the dates several weeks in advance so you can get it on your calendar.
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