How to Use No More Perfect Date Night as a Couple

Do you feel like you’re pulled in a hundred different directions? Feel like too often you’re two ships passing in the night? Is there emotional distance between the two of you but you don’t know how to close that distance? Or are things going well in your marriage and you just want to keep it that way?

No matter how you answer those questions, you’re in the right place! Every week we will offer you some way to deepen your marriage! You can choose to tap into the extensive library of resources and take in what looks interesting to you, or you can tap into new resources we send you nearly every week. We encourage you to find one time during the week to do something from No More Perfect Date Night. You may find it helpful to create a regular rhythm–or time of the week– that works best for you to invest in your marriage.

Nearly every Tuesday we’ll send out something you can watch, discuss, or do together:

  • The Double Date with Mark and Jill videos we share will usually be 10-15 minutes in length. The discussion questions will help you take the concepts in the video and apply them to your marriage.
  • The Dive Deep Interviews are usually be 30 to 40 minutes in length.  This is when we pull back the curtain on other real marriages and learn from their experiences. There will also be discussion questions that will help you talk about the concepts in the video and how they can take your marriage deeper.
  • The Design-A-Dates allow you to set aside some time each month to have fun together. Feel free to do the date night as described or to adapt it anyway you want!
  • The Dynamic Dialogue Webinars are where we tackle a topic and answer your questions LIVE as well as those submitted throughout the week preceding the webinar. The webinar will be available live, but will also be recorded for viewing/listening at a later time.

In addition to our new content, you can also take advantage of our Dig Deeper Tracks and our Discover More Library.  There is over $2000 in content available in both of these sections of the Date Night site.

  • Our Dig Deeper Tracks are where you can dig deeper into a topic you know you need to grow in. This is where we assemble the best Date Night content into one place based upon topic. We’re adding new tracks all the time, so make sure and check back in when you can!
  • Our “Discover More” Library is where you’ll find additional go-to resources to tap into anytime! Looking for content on a specific topic? Click the topic that interests you most to find what you’re looking for. Taking a road trip together or looking for additional encouragement? Listen to one of the podcasts or click through to one of the articles in the Discover More section. Our commitment to you is to put some of the best marriage resources at your fingertips!

We are in your corner, cheering you on! We’re discovering, growing, and learning right alongside you. It’s easy for our marriages to slip to the backburner of our busy lives. We’re glad you took the step to intentionally move it front and center!