Double Date with Mark and Jill

The Power of Perseverance in Marriage

What Does It Mean to Bear All Things?

Can Love and Irritability Exist Together?

Are You Loving on the Inside and the Outside?

Listen to the Heart of What Your Spouse Is Saying

The Guardrails You Need In Your Marriage

Ask for What You Need and The Response You Need

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Dive Deep Interviews

Joe and Tara Buchanan: Moving Past Your Past

Ryan and Kristin Eller: How A Marriage Can Grow in Hard Circumstance

Dino and Ashley Petrone: Intentionality in Marriage

Why Pursuing God Needs to Be First with Brad and Lisa Valencia

Communication in Marriage with Patti Reed

Spouse in the House–Navigating Togetherness with Cynthia Ruchti

The Power You Have In Your Marriage with Dr. Juli Slattery

The Five R’s That Destroy Relationship

Brooke and Todd Tilghman (The Voice 2020 Winner): Celebrating the Wins in Your Marriage

Chris and Steph Teague (Out of the Dust Duo): Once Divorced, Now Restored

Bob Lepine (Family Life Radio Host): Love Like You Mean It

Nate and Kaley Klemp “The 80/80 Marriage: Radical Generosity and Shared Success”

Shaunti Feldhahn: Thriving In Love And Money

Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe: The Seven Rings Of Marriage

Lamberts and Kents: Building A Stronger Marriage When Life Sends It’s Worst

Bryan & Shayla Moffitt: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Marriage

Sandra Beecher: When Addiction Hits Home

Rob and Joanne Teigen: Praying Together in Marriage (even if you never have!)

Ruth and Patrick Schwenk: For Better or For Kids–Moving From Child-Centered to Marriage-Centered

Greg and Jen Hill: OUR STORY–When Marriage Survives A Tragedy

Dr. Jennifer Degler: An Honest Conversation About Sex

Jill Rosenau: Why Your Thinking Matters In Marriage

Jeff and Beth McCord: Becoming Us–How the Enneagram and the Gospel Can Change Your Marriage

John and Tricia Goyer: Creating a Grumble Free Marriage

Bob and Roxann Andersen: Managing Conflict

Carlos and Rosemarie Evans: The Story of a Wounded Warrior and an Enduring Love

Larry and Kathy Miller: Breaking Free from the Past

Greg and Lynn McDonald: When LGBTQ Hits Home

Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth: Lies MEN Believe and How They Affect Our Marriages

Lies Men Believe with Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth

Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth: Lies WOMEN Believe and How They Affect Our Marriage

Ron and Jody Zappia: 7 Choices That Keep Couples Together

Luke and Katy McCown (NFL Football Player) Navigating Change In Marriage

Gene and Carol Kent: When Grief Threatens to Pull You Apart

Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn: What The Research Shows

Clint and Penny Bragg: Getting Your Marriage Back On Course

Justin and Trisha Davis: Moving Your Marriage From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Mike and Linda Blaize; A Resurrected Marriage

James and Arlene Pellicane: How To Have A Happy Marriage

LeRoy and Kimberly Wagner: The Fearful Man Fierce Woman Marriage

Greg and Erin Smalley: Secrets For Lifelong Romance

Dr. Kevin Leman: Have a New Sex Life By Friday

Bill and Pam Farrel: Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti

Milan and Kay Yerkovich: The Relating Patterns In Your Marriage

Roger and Kathi Lipp: Happy Habits for Every Couple

Dr. Jennifer Degler: 5 Magic Hours We Need To Spend On Our Marriage Each Week

Dr. Gary Chapman: The 5 Love Languages

Dr. Julianna Slattery: God’s Plan for Sex

Ron and Susan Seay: Navigating Differences

Karen Haught: The God-Empowered Wife

Dr. Kathy Koch: How Are You Smart?

Joey and Carla Link: When the Unthinkable Becomes Normal

Todd and Karen Ehman: Staying Crazy in Love When Love Drives You Crazy

Greg and Julie Gorman: Purpose Focused Not Problem Focused

Design A Date

Scavenger Hunt–Bookstore Edition

Drive Thru/Carry Out Progressive Dinner Date

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Marriage

When we change our thinking, it changes our feelings. When our feelings change, it affects our beliefs. Our new beliefs then affect our actions and the actions we take affect our results. This is why God tells us to “take our thoughts captive.” This video course will guide you in changing your thinking about your spouse, conflict, God, and your marriage. If you want your marriage to change in any way, you need to start by changing your thinking!

Start With The Basics

It’s always helpful when you have a firm foundation to build on. These three lessons will introduce you to the slow fades that pull our hearts apart, the God-Tools that stop the fades, and a communication tool that can help you share your heart and listen well when your spouse shares his or her heart.

Sexual Intimacy

Sex is one of the most beautiful gifts God has given to those of us who are married. However, sometimes we aren’t enjoying it to the fullest. We need to understand God’s plan for sex, we need practical tools to help us enjoy it to the fullest, and we need to talk about our sex life outside of the bedroom! This track will help you with all of those and more!

Restoring Trust In Your Marriage

In marriage, trust can be broken in many ways. Maybe it’s one spouse having a critical spirit and the other spouse feels they can’t share their heart because they’ll get criticized. Or maybe one spouse is still attached to their parents in a way that causes the other spouse to not feel they can trust them to put their own marriage at the top of the priority list.  Or maybe one spouse stepped outside of the marriage and broke trust when they had an emotional or physical affair. Regardless of how trust has been broken, it can be restored! This mini-course will show you the next right steps to take in restoring trust.

If you still need more help, please check out our robust Rebuilding Trust course that can be purchased separately (use code DATENIGHTMEMBER to save $25!)