September means “back to school” and this date night gives you the opportunity to do some learning.

As we age, as life circumstances change, as kids get older, as we mature in our faith, as we learn more about ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, likes, and dislikes change. Because of this, it’s good to “go to school” and re-discover what’s going on inside your spouse’s head and heart.

Set aside a date night to “go to school” together and share your answers to these questions:

In this season of life…
…what brings you the most joy?
…what stresses you out most?
…what is your favorite food?
…what does a perfect day off look like for you?
…how often would you like to make love?
…how do you feel about your spiritual life?
…how can I be praying for you?
…what would you consider to be a perfect date night?

Fill in the blank:

In this season of life:
…when I think of myself 10 years ago and I think of myself today, I’ve changed in this
…I miss _____________________ that we used to do.
…I love this about you _________________________
…I love this about our marriage _______________________
…I don’t like this about our marriage ____________________
…I love it when you wear ______________________________
…I would love for us to __________________________________
…I’d love for our next date to be _____________________________
…I’d love for our next couples getaway to be ___________________________

Current Sizes
Shirt Size _____
Pants Size _____
Shoe Size ______

Remember that this is a learning opportunity and not a time to solve problems, disagree, or point out things to your spouse. Appropriate responses when your spouse is sharing include, “That’s good to know,” or “Tell me more,” or “Thanks for sharing.” Maintain eye contact to listen with your whole body and let your spouse know he/she has your full attention.

If you’d like to give your spouse a heads up on the questions and/or a special invite, tuck this worksheet into an envelope. Cut out one of these tags and affix it to the outside of the envelope. Then hand-deliver the envelope or leave it somewhere for your spouse to find!

Enjoy learning!

Print Out PDF:  Its-Time-to-Go-to-School.pdf