Get out of the dinner rut with a fun time of cooking together!

Each of you picks a dish to prepare. (Ideally you’ll shop and prepare your dishes at the same time so you can increase your time together.) Maybe one person chooses an entrée and the other a salad, appetizer, or dessert.

If you want to throw a little challenge into the “competition” each of you gets to choose one ingredient the other person has to use in their recipe. (Don’t get too crazy—you want to be able to eat this!) For instance, one of you might determine that the dessert has to use cream cheese and the other partner determines the main dish has to use garlic.

Take some time to research recipes or think about creating your own. Make a shopping list and head to the store together. Then come home and let the fun begin.

As you’re cooking share one good memory you have of food or cooking growing up.

Once everything is ready, light some candles, put away your phones, and see who’s dish is the best!

Bon Appetite!

Printable PDF: Cooking-Together-Competition.pdf