Sometimes the best date experiences are right under your nose in your own town or a nearby community., doing things you just never take the time to do.

This date is best if scheduled on a weekday, if possible, but a Saturday can work, too. If you do
it on a weekday—think of it as a vacation day (or half day) for two!

Once you set the date, take a little time to plan. A great place to start is with your local
CVB—Convention and Visitors Bureau—if your community is big enough to have one! Scan the
website for local events, museums, restaurants, and shops you’ve never explored before.
You can also think about those places you’ve driven by and said to yourself, “One day I’ll
check that out!” This date is a perfect time to actually make that happen.

Giving your “tour” a theme might give you some direction. Maybe it’s a historic tour where you
explore local museums you’ve never experienced before. Or a food tour where you do
appetizers at one restaurant, salad at the next, main course at a 3rd restaurant, and dessert at
one more! Throw in a local coffee shop or two and it’ll be a real foodie date!

You could do an architectural tour where you learn about the local architecture or even explore a local
“architectural warehouse” filled with antiques, old doors, stained glass, and more. An antique
tour could take you from one antique shop to another looking for treasures and memories that
connect to your past.

If your community has a downtown that allows for strolling around the square, a section of town
known for art galleries, or a few streets where you could wander in and out of locally owned
restaurants, any of those might be a great place to park, stroll, and explore!

The goal is to discover shops, art galleries, coffee shops, museums, and other places you’ve
never taken the time to explore. Alternate stepping into each other’s world by exploring both of your interests along the way.

What are you waiting for? Get a date on the calendar and go explore together! It’s a day of
fun waiting to happen!

Print Out PDF:  Hometown-Tourist.pdf