What are you looking forward to doing together in the next few months? Planning to do something fun together—even for just 24 hours—keeps you working towards a goal together! On this Design-A-Date you’ll brainstorm and start planning a little getaway for two!

Start with some questions to give you guidance for your planning:

  • If you could choose the perfect getaway for us, what would that be? (Remember, there’s no wrong answer with this—it’s to peek into your spouse’s heart and see what he or she is dreaming about!)
  • Do we have any budget at all to consider?
  • What could we possibly put on the calendar in the next 3-6 months?
  • (If needed) What childcare possibilities do we have? Can we ask grandparents or another friend or family member to take the kids for the night? Can we trade sitting with another couple who would like to have 24 hours to themselves?

Here are some ideas to get the wheels turning:


What about a 24 hour “explore our town” getaway?  Set aside a day or two to go to museums, shops, and tourist sites within an hour drive of our home. Stay at home rather than in a hotel.

What if we did the “Drive Thru History” date from last month’s Design-A-Date? (This is where you take a tour of the places that were an important part of your relationship.)


How about two nights in a bed and breakfast, AIRBNB, or cabin within a few hours drive of our home? Google “romantic getaways” in your state and see what comes up!

Is there an upcoming marriage seminar we can attend? Check out seminar.jillsavage.org and familylife.com for marriage seminar possibilities!


Is there a relaxing getaway we could do together? A cruise? An all-inclusive? A resort where we can relax and have fun together?

Is there a road trip we’ve wanted to make but just haven’t set the dates and made a plan to make it happen?

Remember: You’ll never drift together…you’ll only drift apart. Making intentional plans to have fun together helps you move towards each other and gives you something to work towards together.

PDF Format for Print:  Plan-a-Getaway-Date.pdf