Most of our conversations as a couple center around the logistics of life. It’s the natural
pattern relationships take. Intentionality is needed to move from practical, surface
communication to heartfelt, emotionally connecting conversation. This date will help you
do just that!

If you do the date at home, make yourselves something to drink (i.e. hot chocolate, a
glass of wine, sparkling water, etc), tuck your phones away, and take 20-30 minutes to
talk through these five questions. (You could even snuggle in bed and talk through the
questions as long as you’re assured one or both of you aren’t going to doze off!)

If you decide to get out of the house, you can enjoy dinner out (or a picnic in the
summer) and talk through the questions as you enjoy dinner together.

If you’re the listener, give your spouse your full attention. Ask questions or respond with
“Tell me more…” to go even deeper in understanding what your spouse is sharing.
Thank your spouse for sharing with you.

If you’re sharing, try to share facts AND feelings to the best of your ability.

Instead of having one person answer all five questions, alternate answering the same
question so you’re both talking and listening throughout your time together.

Q1: What’s stressing you out or weighing heavy on you right now?

Q2: What ways do you like me to touch you (not only sexual)?

Q3: What’s something you’d like for us to do together in the next six months?

Q4: What is one thing you need this week?

Q5: How can I better let you know I love you or speak your love language?

Download This Date: Five-Question-Date.pdf