Do you have a favorite memory from when you were dating? A favorite day you spent together? An evening you have fond memories of? An activity you’ve always remembered as special?

For this Design-A-Date, you’ll “remake” that date. You can have fun with this however you’d like, but here are some ideas:

• If you remember what you wore, wear something similar (or the same thing if it’s still in your closet and it fits you!).
• If you took a picture, remake the picture and then share a side-by-side on social media for fun, if you’d like!
• Wherever you ate, eat there if it still exists. If it doesn’t, eat somewhere similar. Order the same food if you remember what you ordered!
• Do whatever activities you did!
• End the night the same way you ended it (yes, that means making out in the driveway if that was part of the memory!)

Most of all, have fun remaking a favorite time you spent together early in your relationship!

PDF for print: The-Remake-Date.pdf