If you shoot for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

That truth applies to so many aspects of our lives…marriage included.

This date is designed to identify some targets you want to shoot for as a couple. What’s on your bucket list? What experiences do you want your family to have? What activities, plans, or trips do you want to make happen? These are the treasures you’re going to be digging for as you spend time together!

For this date we’re providing you with an “Our Plan” printable to guide your conversation. Set aside a couple of hours for just the two of you. Print out the worksheet (below) and start sharing and talking. This is a vision venture into the future!

Here’s how to use each area of the worksheet:

BUCKET LIST: We’re married, but we’re also individuals. We each have things we’d love to do in our lifetime. This is the place to capture those thoughts and dreams. If you don’t know your spouse’s dreams, you can’t help make them come true.

FAMILY AGES & ANNIVERSARIES: This is where you scope out the next 10 years, identifying your age, your spouse’s age, and your anniversary you’ll celebrate that year. Why? This helps you take a look at milestone birthdays or anniversaries you might want to celebrate in a special way.

OPTIONAL: If you have children or grandchildren this is also a place for you to plot out their ages over the next 10 years. Why? Well maybe you’d like to take a family trip to Disney, but you only want to do it once when the kids are all at ages they could enjoy it well. Or maybe you’d like to take the family (kids or grandkids) to the Grand Canyon. Again you could gauge the best years to take them when they could enjoy it to the fullest.

OUR DREAMING: This is where you’ll take your bucket list dreams, your milestone birthdays or anniversaries, and your desires in general and put some loose dates and plans on them for the next 5-10 years. What are you going to plan for? What are you going to work towards together?

NEXT STEPS: What’s the next right step to make one or more of those dreams closer to reality? What do you need to do financially to start working towards it? Are there dates that need to be reserved? Any research need to be done?

OUR PLAN FOR THIS YEAR: You’ve done some dreaming and planning for the future, but it’s important to make some plans for this year, too.

ANNIVERSARY: You’ll celebrate an anniversary this year. What’s your plan for doing something special for the two of you? If you’re staying home, how can you still make the day special? What’s important to each of you?

OUR PLAN FOR KEEPING OUR MARRIAGE A PRIORITY: Your marriage can’t survive on auto-pilot. You need to keep growing together as a couple. You need to have time for just the two of you. Practically how will you do that? How will you prioritize time together and time learning together?

NEXT STEPS: What’s the next right step to make those plans happen? What do you need to do financially to prioritize that? Are there reservations that need to be made? Dates to be requested off work? Any research need to be done?

Now start working towards your goals. Be grace-filled if your target dates have to be adjusted. That’s to be expected. Now you have some targets you’ll be working towards and it’s likely you’ll hit a few! Don’t forget to revisit these every once in a while—on your anniversary or next year at this time! Keeping your goals in front of your eyes, helps keep you both on the same page!

PDF VERSION OF THE DATE:  Vision-Venture-Date.pdf

OUR PLAN Worksheet:  OurPlanPrintable.pdf